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Biological Plandemic: Lockstepping into Global Domination with Dr. Darrell Wolfe

We welcome the fearless Dr. Darrell Wolfe, who has over 40 years of experience in natural medicine and is known as the “Doc of Detox,” and is not shy to share what he believes. We will be discussing how this pandemic and now riots around America have been in the works by the deep state for years, and most importantly, we will be sharing solutions for getting humanity out of this organized mess that we find ourselves in today.

Plandemic: Lies & Deception with Dr. Judy Mikovits

Why are there incentives for every COVID-19 death certificate? Does the flu vaccine increase your chances of getting the virus by 36%? Is the lock down working or just causing more problems with decreased immunity and a suffering economy? We go behind the scenes of coronavirus with Dr. Judy Mikovits, the experienced virologist who worked under Dr. Fauci. Given the amount of mainstream lies that the ruling class has told, Dr. Mikovits must be given a public legal discovery process so a science debate can be heard in a court of law. In times of crisis, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, the protection of human rights is particularly important. Hear Dr. Judy Mikovits' expert opinion on the plague of corruption and how vaccines are only pushed out for profit while other non-patented remedies are pushed aside.

The New Normal: Life Under the Deep State with Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai

As the new Corona virus spreads illness, death, and catastrophe around the world, virtually no economic sector has been spared from harm. Yet amid the mayhem from the global pandemic, one industry is not only surviving but also profiting handsomely. Pharmaceutical companies view COVID-19 as a once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity. The world needs pharmaceutical products, of course. For the coronavirus outbreak, in particular, we need treatments and vaccines and, in the U.S., tests. Dozens of companies are now vying to make them. On the Good Intentions Show we welcome Dr. Shiva, an inventor of email, and a candidate for the Senate in Massachusetts, as we discuss sustainable development goals.

The Corruption of Our Children’s Health with Dr. Judy Mikovits & Sheila Ealey

On The Good Intentions Show, we welcome back Dr. Judy Mikovits, who has recently been banned from the internet and social media sites for sharing her views on the Plague of Corruption, the flu shot driving Covid-19 cases, mandatory vaccinations, and the treatment plan of Covid-19. She is joined by Sheila Ealey, an advocate for informed consent and truth in the vaccination program and mother of a vaccine victim. Learn about the corruption of our healthcare system in regards to our children's health. We continue to make decisions out of ignorance that results in us harming our children. From the food we give to the vaccines we mandate, to the pharmaceutical drugs that we prescribe them, Dr. Mikovits and Dr. Ealey will discuss how we are unknowingly harming them and their health and how to protect our children now and in the future.

The Truth Behind the C-Virus Crisis with Sacha Stone

Join us on the Good Intentions Show, with activist, public speaker, publisher, writer and filmmaker, Sacha Stone. Through vigorous investigations and the piecing together of hidden information, he will unearth a complete understanding of the situation surrounding the rise of the pandemic. We discuss how suspicions uncovered from official reports and publicly available data sprouts more questions, how the 5G role-plays are interwoven with the virus, what's in store for humanity in the coming months and years, and the difference between our spiritual freedom and our constitutional rights.

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