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Entrepreneurs and Business owners who have risked and sacrificed years of their money, blood, sweat, and tears to experience the American dream, are now losing it all, and worse, unnecessarily. The truth is, there is no hard science proving that masks and social distancing stop a virus. Actually, it’s just the opposite, because it’s causing more physical harm. To lose your business over a lie makes it even more intolerable to accept. Makes you wonder if this was just an unforeseen consequence or by design On Frequency Wars, Tim discussed just that, with business owners who are experiencing their worst nightmare. He interviewed Peggy Hall, an educator for the past 30 years, with a background in health, politics, and activism. Peggy Hall is a frontline freedom fighter who has helped get rid of mask mandates in her county; she has spearheaded the campaign to get those covid highway signs removed; and she has shown thousands of small business owners how to stand up against unlawful shutdown orders, stay open for business — and thrive! Jim Cory, The owner of a restaurant in western Michigan was defying Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's executive order by reopening in a late-ditch effort to save his business. Jim Cory resumed dining service at Jimmy’s Roadhouse in rural Newaygo and now faces a threat by the state health department to revoke his licenses. Ian Smith, co-owner of Atilis Gym has incurred roughly 60 citations and is charged nearly $15,500 every day that he remains open in defiance of Democratic New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy’s COVID-19 closures. The gym owner's fines are roughly at $1.2 Million for Defying the COVID-19 Lockdowns and he vows not to pay these unconstitutional fines. Smith alongside Frank Trumbetti, another owner of the fitness facility, was arrested in late July after the pair refused to close their business following a weeks-long fight with the state.  You need to join this unprecedented conversation with the heart of America’s entrepreneurs being forced to close their doors just for doing business. Don’t miss this show!

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