Depopulating Humanity

Depopulating Humanity

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Duration: : 01:11:27

Release Date : 09 December 2020

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Have you been getting the feeling lately that someone’s trying to kill you? Or at least slowly poisoning you to death? It may sound funny on the surface but well if you have you may not...   More









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sorry, but both dr. day and sacha stone, as much knowledge as they may have, are speaking from a lot of belief and i feel dr. day is taking the bible too literally and... have people not yet considered that the cult that is trying to implement all this control has knowledge of the revelation and had a part in writing it as it is written and they have the means to make it appear to the general public as if these biblical times are upon us and use it to generate fear and belief in the end of times and whatnot?
Lilith Allenspach at 2020-12-24

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