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Frequency Wars


Defending Your Life

If you're no longer hooked up to the cables in a warm pod lost in the matrix, Then you need to ask yourself the question, who is the last line of defense for the citizens when a societal structure or even a world begins to break down at an exponential rate, which appears to be happening right now? It can't be the politicians; God, I sure hope not, or we're all doomed. What about our churches and our shepherds? Unfortunately, most seem to be in lock and step in the lock and step plandemic we find ourselves in currently. And the courts? Look what just happened in the last American election. Even the supreme court wasn’t allowed to intervene in an overt but silent coup d'é tat of the republic. We handed the 250-year-old freedom-loving nation over to the NWO corporations without a fight, who appears to be running the planet now. It surely has to be our military; our always-ready and brave soldiers to defend the constitution. But when the leadership has been cooped and corrupted as we are seeing in America and around the world, all the true soldiers really must rely on is each other, as their patriotic drive to defend their country gets watered down by the red tape and inverted policies, that makes no sense. Most cant hold the line when demoralization takes over, and from what I’m seeing, it's been done with a purpose in mind, and it's not for freedom. So before I answer who possibly will be responsible for holding the line, let's take a brief look at history: The fall of Rome. Rome was burning, the treasury looted, unpaid Soldiers leaving posts and corrupted politicians last minute taking what they could. And the decadent citizens of Rome petrified by fear, became the way of life, which lead them to be divided, scared, and unable to care for and defend their own lives. How horrific that must have been for the good citizens of Rome to have no one to support them in their time of need. And the rest is history. Well joining us is Peggy Hall, activist, and founder of, to give us an update on the latest medical tyranny presently occurring and what we are doing about it. In addition, We will be discussing what is the domestic terrorist bill that the president is sitting on, and what can freedom-loving Americans can do. And finally, keeping it local, Kilgore Rand, Founder of I Do Not Comply, and constitutional attorney, Alex Johnson, will be sharing what the fallout is with suing the governor of Georgia, along with answers to this ever-increasing present-day tyranny we find on a local level. If by now you haven't realized our freedoms will not be coming back, because oppression will only double down until it is confronted, then this show is a must-see and a must share to awaken the 99 percent before the New world order agenda is finally implemented. Oh by the way the answer to "who is the last line of defense"…. It's you!

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