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Biological Pandemic: Lock Stepping into Global Domination with Dr. Darrell Wolfe

Has the Covid-19 pandemic been planned by the government for years? Why are there documents from 2010 listing out a plan to control the world-wide population by infecting them with a devastating biological pandemic and implementing martial law to create a prison-like new world? In a video posted by Vox News, there are printed documents showing how the Deep State is behind a pandemic to gain control over us and help decrease the population, and how biological weapons like Ebola, SARS, and now COVID were all created as a way for the government to control the masses and the class system. Since September 11th, there has been over $60 billion spent by the U.S. on biological weapon research. In an interview filmed in 2014, journalist Harry Vox talked about how the only thing missing from the government’s toolkit of control was “quarantines and curfews.” There are published documents from the Rockefeller Foundation titled “Scenarios of the Future of Technology and International Development” dated in 2010, that clearly lists out the process of “Lock Step – a world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushbacks.” In this report, they share a future pandemic causing a devastating economic impact with international goods and services stopping to a halt, debilitating the tourism industry, and crippling global supply chains. It clearly details how the pandemic will spread easily through the borders of some developed countries, however, that China will fare better by quickly sealing off its borders and controlling its citizens. Governments will impose wearing masks, implementing temperature checks for people to enter public places, and citizens will willingly give up their power for more governmental control to feel safe and secure. Vox also shows the National Security Memorandum #200 from September 1974, which summarizes that there needs to be a plan for depopulation, and a document from the CDC with their patent for Ebola. Coincidence? Enters Covid-19, and we are now living in a world of quarantine, temperature checks, contact tracing, and economic collapse. These documents were created years ago, and the world is now living them out almost word for word. On Wednesday, March 3rd at 11 AM ET, we welcome the fearless Dr. Darrell Wolfe, who has over 40 years of experience in natural medicine and is known as the “Doc of Detox.” And is not shy to share what he believes. We will be discussing how this pandemic and now riots around America have been in the works by the deep state for years and most importantly we will be sharing solutions for getting humanity out of this organized mess that we find ourselves in today and only on UI Media Network. Don’t miss this one! Call in LIVE at 678.495.4345 & Watch LIVE at

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