Hush Child: Ritual Pedophilia

Hush Child: Ritual Pedophilia

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Duration: : 01:39:21

Release Date : 09 September 2020

Every year half a million children go missing in the U.S. alone. Where they go & what is done to them is the stuff of darkest nightmares. The vast majority are abducted into national &...   More









Great video.
Emily McGuigan at 2020-09-23

We all knew this was happening but turned a blind eye when certain people tried to tell us, well not anymore! We the ordinary people now need to take a stance and stop this horrific abuse of innocent children. Even if you only say one prayer to our Creator, the Source of all that is, its better than doing nothing. Shame on this world. Let the Light now Shine. Thank you Tim Ray, John Paul Rice and Jon Wedge from the bottom of my heart.
Evelyn Banna at 2020-09-19

Thank you so much. With love & gratitude
Chloe Brandish at 2020-09-18

Beautiful Truth Light Love. Also be aware we are frugivores by teeth, stomach and blood anatomy. Check table on search images. Fully plant based dietary intake's. Also 'water consciousness/memeory' science reiki/pray proving rediscoveries. Love truly does heal. Dr Masaru Emoto, the rice experiment etc. Thank yous all.
Jake Clarke at 2020-09-10

Tracy Williams at 2020-09-09

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