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Beneath the Mask with Sandra Rose Michael

Conscious COVID

Is going maskless a rejection of science and the CDC’s recommendation that all Americans wear a mask, or is it a push back against perceived media paranoia, government invasion, and perhaps an alternative purpose not yet unfolded? The global crisis whether planned or just happened for this vital item has exposed the harsh realities of politics, the limits of the free market, and the clear division throughout the country. I mean if we only let the herd immunity do its work like every other year, would be discussing masks today? Well, we are and When the coronavirus pandemic started, Dr. Fauci and other health officials told us that only healthcare professionals should wear masks and other PPE equipment. We were told masks were not effective to stop the spread of the virus and that we should all remain 6 feet apart to help flatten the curve. Fauci said, “the most important thing is physical separation.” Months later with a significant back-track and in “light of new information,” he and other health officials insist that we wear masks until there are no new cases. Considering the U.S. just passed the allegedly 2 million case mark, how long will that be? Masks are now mandated in many places throughout the country even though some health professionals caution against wearing them because it may restrict oxygen intake and cause you to inhale carbon dioxide, causing hypoxia. Are we being forced to submit to their extreme recommendations with a bigger hidden agenda in the works? On Wednesday, June 24th at 11 am ET on Frequency Wars we go “Beneath the Mask” as we welcome the courageous Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, who has taught holistic medicine for more than four decades. Dr. Michael’s research in applied integrative biophysics has earned prestigious recognition, such as the Presidential and International Who’s Who awards. She has lectured at the United Nations, MIT, the World Summit on Integral Medicine. We will be discussing the true agenda why so many well-known doctors have changed their initial advice of not wearing masks to have to wear masks to the point that most businesses are supporting the agenda and why. We will also be sharing whether going maskless is a rejection of science? A sign of freedom? And most importantly, we will be sharing solutions to deal so you can stay informed with real science and critical thinking for you and your family to decide to continue to wear a mask or challenge an agenda that has been kept secret… beneath the mask. You need to know the truth!






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No sound!!!!!
Desiree Constantinides at 2020-08-16

This was a VERY helpful video!!
Marie Arnold at 2020-08-04

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