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Breaking Fertility: Humanity's Future

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Have you seen the show The Handmaid's Tale? Actress Elizabeth Moss plays a handmaid when society was turned into chaos after environmental devastation that resulted in mass infertility, then followed by a Noahide law like theocratic, military government. It's funny how many movies and shows can seem predictive of the future as we look back. Well, we know of the depopulation and infertility programs that the patsy Bill Gates and the rest of his above top secret handlers and eugenicists have been doing to humanity for a long time. However, is the latest desperate push for 12-year-old’s and up to get the COVID-19 injections beyond the pale? Is this an agenda to sterilize our youth so they can never have children? Is this a potential reality we find ourselves in the present? I don’t say this light-heartedly, is humanity's future at stake? If any of these experts and brave doctors are correct in what they are warning us about, why would we not stop and look to see if our fertility is in jeopardy? If there's not a mandate for a moratorium, then why are we not AT LEAST testing after the shots if adults and now kids are becoming sterile? Are we able to accurately determine that we made a horrific decision by listening to our doctors? Do they even know if this could be the case? Is our reporting system out of control and does it seem to be continuously and deliberately misleading us? How could we even investigate this, if most are blindly going along with the manipulated VAERS reports? We will be getting to the bottom of these questions and more, as we interview visionary pioneer and a leading authority in the field of women’s health, Dr. Christiane Northrup, as well as one of America's outspoken Frontline Doctors, Dr. Stella Immanuel, to find out what is going on with these injections and if we are becoming infertile. Also, is nanotechnology bringing us further away from God? Are we awake enough to take action, if the lives of our children, our future, are in jeopardy? Or are we just going to stick our heads in the sand and hope this is not really happening? Well if you’re the gambling type, I guess you will have to play your odds if this is true or not. But if you’re the type that prefers to prepare for the worse and hope for the best, well the universe has a funny way of rewarding souls who see reality for what it is, and who step up into inspired action to make the changes necessary to better the odds in your favor. Humanity's ability to procreate? I say those are pretty high stakes. Do you think we should investigate this carefully and thoroughly before we give one more injection to our children? What are you willing to gamble?






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Yes I agree with the Doctor. I went through Deliverance prayers for generational sin. I go to a church start that is non-501c3. We feel led to not incorporate with the federal government and state government. Christ said give to Caesar what is Caesars. But the church is not Caesars it is our King of Kings Lord of lords Church not Caesars. Right not we're seeing a separation of the wheat from the tears in the church. The world is rejecting Christ so when we get rebuked for telling the word and the truth we are not the ones getting rejected but Christ himself is getting rejected. So we shouldn't be upset if we get scoffed at. And we shouldn't be surprised either. Tim Ray you do an excellent job of critical thinking. And I'm thankful for that. I don't believe in Christ consciousness but I do believe in The True Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth who came in the flesh. Take care
Brian Uhing at 2021-06-11

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