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Dissecting the Vaccine

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Are the hairs on the back of your neck standing up when you hear the mantra "get the vaccine" - "it's a matter of life or death?" You hear it everywhere - radio, tv, doctors, politicians, mainstream media, Hollywood stars, liberal and conservative alike, are all saying "get the vaccine." - "It’s safe." Even your elevator music is saying you need to get the vaccine. All for what? a tough virus with the death rate of any seasonal flu. Is this adding up? When you put your critical thinking hat on, how can you not come to the conclusion there’s another agenda for the vaccines in the midst? On Frequency Wars, we have one of the frontrunners fighting the tragedies and dangers of these vaccines; Dr. Andy Wakefield who is a physician, author, and award-winning filmmaker. We discuss The COVID-19 vaccine and what our future will look like in the coming years if this agenda is fully realized, and most importantly, what we can do to save humanity from a dystopian future. Grab your hat and hold on tight we are about to uncover the truth of the vaccine agenda!






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dawn cross at 2021-03-03

This is the best no nonsense interview about the effects of the lockdowns and the consequences to humanity if we allow the powers that be to continue to dictate mandatory vaccinations. It just won't end unless we all pull together. Much love and healing to you all.
Evelyn Banna at 2021-02-19

Gray Wolf at 2021-02-15

Distribute this vitally important one-hour video to everyone you love. Make that, everyone regardless. The ignorance of so many is so dangerous. A few short years ago we thought GMO's were a thing we needed to only worry about in the grocery store. The governments of the world, promoting making you a GMO! Horrific. Getting the "vaccine" - - I would not wish such a fate on my worst enemy. The only bad part about this film is that it came out too late to save so many that have already plunged down the steep place into the sea. DISTRIBUTE THIS FILM TO EVERYONE ON YOUR CONTACT LIST. Do not get shots, period. Do not take your kids to get any kind of shots. Bypassing the body's normal defenses in the villi in your small intestines, is violation of God's natural order anyway. There are and SHALL BE MORE societal enclaves where those of us with a proper regard for basic human rights will live free.
Jack Nelson at 2021-02-10

That was excellent! The BEST explanation re: the "vaccine" and why people should be very concerned about it!! Thank you!!
Liisa at 2021-02-10

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