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Life Under Noahide Laws

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Could there have been diabolical plans hatched long ago to entrap and enslave mankind, once and for all? Have we been warned as moves are made to secure ancient old laws to govern humanity during dark times, which seem to be entering our reality as of late? What are the Noahide laws? If you have read them, they sound like a reasonable way for humanity to live especially if we lacked ethical understanding or intuitive guidance. At least that’s what the laws looks like on the surface. Would the executioner of these laws perhaps be subjected to the same laws as the ones they were written for? Someone has to enforce and oversee them, right? Interestingly enough, the Noahide Laws have been adopted and even ran through legislative bodies around the world. Why are they being adopted in these countries and organizations, including the United States as humanity’s new normal way of living? You would think for this fact alone, everyone should have read these potential laws and guidelines by now. Do you know of this? Well, that’s exactly what we will be doing as we discuss what the Noahides Laws are and who will be enforcing them. Under the right circumstances, could a dark agenda be behind these laws? You will find out just that as we interview Steven and Jana Bennun from Israeli News Live on the true agenda of the Noahide Laws and the latest on what is happening with Israel and the Palestine conflict as it accelerates into a probable dark reality, that may trigger an ancient and barbaric way of life for everyone here on earth. It’s time to have eyes wide open and start connecting the dots, because if we don’t start creating our own reality, then it seems as if there is a plan in place to start creating our reality for us.






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This makes so much sense about the deadly wound and the Gog Magog war. Its makes complete sense. What a revelation . Saints be ready. All Glory to God for what he revealed to Steven and Jana
Connie Haynes at 2021-08-28

I have seen some of this in my Christian church. I have not gone back since C V 19 because of masks and social distancing, I don't agree and will not partake. Now I see another reason not to go back. Thank you Tim & all the guests.
Patti Reid at 2021-05-28

Thank you for having us on your platform Tim.
Jana Bennun at 2021-05-27

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