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Lucifers Disciples

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Who are the faces overseeing Agenda 21/30, ensuring that the UN and WHO are heard and followed during this created pandemic? Are they the same people that are part of the deep state, the new world order...? Many have realized for a long time that a handful of people have been organizing and directly influencing not only the world, but also now local events, policies, and behaviors of unknowing citizens - which is done through private organizations such as the council of foreign relations, the trilateral commission, the Bilderberg's, as well as many more secret societies, the Freemasons, the Skull, and Bones, and the Committee of 300, just to mention a few. We have been warned by world leaders of this agenda throughout history, like JFK's speech on secret societies not too long ago. Many names of influence arise regarding these world players, for example, the Rothschilds, Rockerfellers, Walberg's, and other families that don’t get much play even in the uncensored media. But, who are they? What do they want, and why do they force, bribe, corrupt, deceive, and even murder to get their agenda of oppression rolled out across our planet? So how are they doing this? We will be discussing their step-by-step protocols, which have been traced back eons ago that depict our current events almost to the tee? Later in the broadcast, we will have writer, public speaker, media personality, and icon, David Icke as we delve into the history of Sabbatean Satanists and how they became the New World Order puppet masters. This is a show that will change your perspective forever!






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