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Pedophilia Extreme [Revisited]


There have been several documented cases of pedophilia from high ranking officials tied to occult and satanic cults. Tim Ray speaks with retired CIA agent Kevin Shipp on the details of what is really going on and how we can prevent these evil forces from continuing horrific & unspeakable crimes against children. Tim Ray has been exposing sex trafficking and satanic pedophilia for years when it wasn’t so talked about as it is today. Watch the interview as they go deep into a world unknown to most. Please share this with everyone you love! UI Media Network is the home of innovative, uncensored, and conscious media. We’re bringing awareness to forward thinkers, controversial topics, alternative health and wellness, spirituality, education, and much more. So, viewers like you can live your highest, most informed life. Keep Raising the Frequency.






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kevin shipp always has good information
mark haney at 2020-08-05

This was very informative and will continue listening to both of you on your shows. I shared this vid with others
Meg Feingold at 2020-08-05

Great show
Suchi at 2020-08-05

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