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Terminating Humanity

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We have noticed thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of reports being shared on social media and word of mouth about severe menstrual changes and even miscarries in recent months by women vaccinated and unvaccinated all over the world. And of course, not a peep from the mainstream media. Well, Doctor of Internal Medicine, Carrie Madej will be joining us to shed light on these dangerous phenomena occurring and what could potentially be behind this. In addition, we will be discussing planned parenthood. Have we been mislead and lied to in order to believe the media's mission of that organization? Was it truly created to enhance the quality of life or is it actually ran by eugenicists to terminate life instead? Finally, joining us is Documentary Producer of "Fall of the Cabal", and Author, Janet Ossebaard to discuss how long this depopulation program has been occurring and what to expect in our near future. So put on your thinking cap, take a deep breath and welcome, to Frequency Wars.






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Sonia Fortin at 2021-05-04

Fantastic. Thanks!
Hrh Searcy at 2021-04-28

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