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The Game of Fear with Del Bigtree

Conscious COVID

Are we making the right moves and decisions to protect ourselves from this brewing crisis? Is the mainstream media being transparent enough? Are we getting facts on the real story? Many stores around the world now are stripped of essentials due to the panic we are experiencing. The National Guard is assigned to different cities to regulate curfews. Across the country and in hundreds of countries all “non-essential” businesses are being told to close their doors in an effort to contain the spread of this virus. Employees told to file for unemployment. Schools and Restaurants have been closed and American citizens are being told, or encouraged, to not gather in groups. Is this "The Game of Fear." These uncensored questions and answers we will be discussing only on the next Good Intention Show. Back by popular demand, I will be interviewing Del Bigtree, CEO of the Informed Consent Action Network and host of the top show High wire






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