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The Next Level of Deceit with Mark Steele & Paul Seils

Conscious COVID

In the midst of a planned pandemic, as many are beginning to believe, we are doubling down now with intermittent quarantines and mandatory masks for healthy people. As we allow this self-made worldwide disaster continue, have we forgotten if we just let the coronavirus spread and develop its herd immunity like every year with the seasonal flu, SARS or H1N1, where would our world be today? The death rate for the coronavirus is the same as the seasonal flu. And that is with all the exaggerated deaths with COVID. We still don’t really know how or why it started and how it continues to spread, or do we? Are we just not allowed to share that information since censorship is at an all-time high - Now enters 5G. Could the recent widespread roll-out of 5G technology play a part in this worldwide 'pandemic'? Is 5G bringing us new, faster, wireless technology, or is it a plan by the deep state to continue to make us sick so we are more easily manipulated and controlled? The dangers of 5G are no secret. The risks of increased exposure to electromagnetic radiation have yet to be tested, however, while we were in lockdown, 5G towers erupted all over the country and the world. Is the plan for 5G to continue to weaken our already low immune systems from being quarantined and socially distant for months so that we are even more susceptible to being sick? Is 5G part of a bigger depopulation plan that has been in the works for years? Hello, agenda 21. On Wednesday, July 1st at 11 am ET on the next Frequency Wars, Only on the UI Media Network. We will welcome Mark Steele, a British weapons expert and Chief Technology Officer, who has been speaking out all over the world about the dangers and health effects of 5G. He has been thoroughly investigating electromagnetic frequencies and radiation for years and how it could be part of a more insidious global government plan. Also, we will be speaking with Paul Seils, a privacy advocate, and public speaker on the concerns of 5G. He also runs "Stop 5G". We will be discussing what we can do to protect ourselves and our families as we watch this sinister hidden agenda being played out in front of our eyes. Is it time for us to wake up even further and realize the next level of disease and deception on the horizon? 5G, coming to a home near you. It's time to level up once again.






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