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Transhumanism: The End Game

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What a time to be alive! Our life this past year has not been boring, that is if you have not been paralyzed in fear the entire time. It’s amazing how the New World Order agenda, with all its horrors, has been a wake-up call for so many who most likely would have never woken up. Look around your friend circles in the past year or so and the new ones who have unplugged. Do you think they would've if the threat and actual suffering didn’t occur? What we will be sharing may not only open your eyes to the next-level agenda of the New World Order but also may force you further within your own sanctuary. Transhumanism. Has it already begun? Is our future is set to live as part human and part artificial intelligence? Are we on our way to become a cyborg society? Is nanotechnology already manipulating our biological bodies? Well to further stretch your already open minds, Tim Ray interviews high-level MKUltra survivor, Elisa E, about technology that’s been embedded in her since the 1970s, how it works, and what we can expect to experience in a transhuman world. Tim Ray will also be speaking with author and researcher, Elana Freeland, who will be sharing how we have been and continue to be in this ever assembling transhumanism experiment, as well as the role of the internet of things and how it interacts with the ingredients of chemtrails in securing our fate as technologically enslaved humans. So listen carefully with an open mind, because what you may hear can give you advanced notice of what is coming and how to prepare for impact.






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Sandy Gibson at 2021-06-28

What an amazing show always full of great information . Thank you Elisa E for your bravery . You are a true hero .
Vanity Styles at 2021-06-24

Full Disclosure at 2021-06-24

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