Erika Lynn Geuser

Erika's sound can be described as hip hop trap and industrial fusion that’s heavily influenced by Classic Rock. She currently lives in Georgia with her own family. A self-proclaimed “Northern Girl livin in a Southern World”, Nokomis is a renaissance woman w/ a mindful flow. She’s an Atlanta transplant from the New England area.

Even though her passion growing up was fashion, her family was highly engaged in music. Her Mother a singer and her Father a drummer. She played multiple instruments throughout her youth. “Music was always around me growing up; it was instilled in me from an early age. In fact, I knew this was what I was supposed to be doing from the first day I stepped on stage. Rapping was my outlet for expression.”

Her energy & stage presence leaves the audience in awe as she shatters their expectations w/ her dynamic ability to sing & deliver her lyricism. She’s a hip-hop activist w/ a uniquely soothing but, powerful voice. She looks ahead to creating more new music w/ a message & healing people w/ her sound.


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