Greg Tambone

Gregory Isaac Tambone is an American philanthropist and entrepreneur who came to international attention in 2018 after being the subject of a two-year multi-national manhunt. As an international fugitive he sought political asylum from various Latin American countries while speaking out on wrongful arrests, torture, illegal raids/searches/seizures, unlawful incarcerations, and other corruption within the US Government (*Kelly Madsen PI, Sky Lazaro, Esq., Joshua Baron, Esq.). Repeated failed attempts at negotiating his return to the United States led him to arrange his surrender without terms (*Joshua Baron, Esq.). After his surrender he was imprisoned in Honduras, El Salvador, and Spain, followed by an Interpol Washington led Joint Task Force extradition from a maximum-security prison in Germany (*Joshua Baron, Esq., Prisoner's booking number: 486/18, Detention Room: C107, Court of jurisdiction: AG NBG, Nuremberg, Germany, File Number 57 Gs 1/18, US Marshals: Derryl Spencer, Brittany Dean, and Steve Douglas, INTERPOL Washington Notice of Warrant: 20180205651/KXD). A "backroom deal" was reached later that year between Mr. Tambone, one of his attorneys, and the Justice Department that granted him his freedom (*Joshua Baron, Esq.). The specific details of the deal have since been highly debated, but he immediately went from being accused of crimes punishable by life in prison, to being cleared of all suspicions. Greg is also known for his various outreach programs. The first non-profit organization he started, Warrior Adventures Inc., was geared toward disabled military veterans and those suffering PTSD (*State of Alabama RES716517). After years of harassment, forfeitures, assassination attempts, and closures Mr. Tambone relocated his philanthropic efforts to Honduras. He maintains that rogue factions of the US Government were responsible for these atrocities but there is little evidence as to the culprit(s). He is no longer a fugitive or political prisoner and again manages his businesses while traveling freely between the US, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and South America.


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