The Bioweapon

The Bioweapon

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Duration: : 01:20:43

Release Date : 09 February 2022

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It?s unforgivable. It?s unforgivable to know what we know now about the effects of the bioweapon we have been conditioned to call vaccines. So, if this is truly a bioweapon, then there is...   More









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Sadly, David Martin is a Freemason and not part of the truth and freedom movement. See the symbology for yourself at his website, starting with the M-cam logo being the masonic apron.
JD at 2022-02-14

I heard China had the anti-dote for the jab. It won't save the jabbed but it will keep the unjabbed from getting it.
Lori A Morse at 2022-02-12

Two great people! Great interview. Thank you. I don't see where I can find interviews with Steve Ben-Nun and Jana on your site. I recently saw you on Isreali News Live. It was the first time I have heard you and was impressed with you. You mentioned some interviews with them. I trust Steve and Jana for several reasons and one being the people they trust.
Nancy H at 2022-02-12

Watch & Take Action
Richard Martin at 2022-02-09

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