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The Delta Variant: Behind the Curtain

The Delta Variant, here we go again! Fear: repeated and repeated on MSM by our governors, and by our president. Have Fauci or others shared the details of the delta variant with private universities or doctors and researchers to verify its validity? Or we are just repeating what we heard in the UK or what they heard in India? As stated in an old Wendy’s commercial: "where's the beef?". Well, we will be getting to the beef of it all as we discuss with Dr. Carrie Madej, internal medicine doctor, about the horrific effects the mRNA and spike proteins are having in our bodies, causing serious illness and death. Also, is big pharma expanding the mRNA injections to other common pediatric shots as well as typical animal vaccinations? Furthermore Dr. Jane Ruby, a medical expert with over 20 years in pharmaceutical drug development, will be chiming in on the latest discovery of the poisonous levels of graphene oxide being found in covid 19 injections. Listen carefully, it’s looking like our world is doubling down on these deadly mRNA nanoparticle shots. Now there's door-to-door service to convince you to take the jab. What are you going to do when your government shows up at your home to find out if you have not taken the injection? Really, what are you prepared to do? If nothing, it could get worse. We will be discussing what and how homeland security has been training our armed forces to normalize mass public quarantines and on how to round up unvaccinated American citizens into mass quarantine centers. Can you say FEMA camps? Yes, pinch yourself this is really happening. Nothing is making sense anymore and hasn’t for a while if your head has been out of the sand, but ask yourself this question: if the delta variant can’t be shown to exist as this deadly virus, could it be marketed to humanity to cover up the forever rising deaths from the COVID-19 injection? How would we know? How can this be proven? Where's the beef?

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