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Venom VS Virus

Because the COVID virus has not been isolated since the oncoming of the “pandemic”, how are we to confirm or reject the influx of incoming theories? I’m sure you’ve heard of the more recent theory regarding snake venom. Do you believe it’s possible that snake venom within the vaccines, amongst other potential variables, could be causing the symptoms of COVID-19 along with other side effects? Or even worse, could physicians be unknowingly using venom-induced pharmaceutical drugs to treat COVID patients? There are doctors that have been stepping up, claiming this is to be true, and two of those doctors will be joining us today. U.S. National Counterterrorism & EMS Advisor and Trainer, Chief Scientist, CounterBioterrorism Division, BioChem Engineering, Executive Director of the Violence Prevention Agency, and Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Tau Braun is here to walk us through what he has uncovered related to synthesized snake venom, and why he believes it’s killing millions around the world. And joining us once again is the doctor who has brought the world’s attention to venom and is at the top of Big Pharma's hit list, Dr. Bryan Ardis. He will be giving us the 411 on the drama he has experienced over the last two weeks since releasing his snake venom findings regarding COVID symptoms, complications and death. As our president prepares Americans to support the new world order depopulation plan, potentially uncovering a world conspiracy of deliberately poisoning humanity with venom from a snake, all the missing pieces begin to come together as to why our world in the past two years has been turned upside down… and inside out. This is a once in a lifetime show, what you can’t afford to miss.

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