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Frequency Wars


Technocracy: A Brave New World?

Are you old enough to remember the 70s movie Logan’s Run? It’s about a time in the future where a subset world is being run by artificial intelligence, where people just enjoyed themselves, were healthy, and sought pleasure. Like with all nonhuman leadership, there’s a catch, and that was when people turned 30 years old, they were publicly executed. A great example of nonhuman compassion, huh? If you're lost in the matrix and are watching football Sunday to Sunday, you may have been missing the indoctrination into the AI world that we find ourselves in; the proverbial frog in warm water boiling to a purpose. Social media should be the most obvious form of AI control, especially if you've been censored or even lost an account based on your expressed opinion. Artificial intelligence made that decision. Let that settle in; a computer decided to cut you off. Now we see it in hospitals, AI making decisions not only on diagnoses but also on prognoses for humans. This is our reality today. So, who’s behind this technocratic way of life, and what is the ultimate agenda? Well, we will be discussing just that with Peggy Hall, the founder of The Healthy American, as well as the latest fallout from the president's speech and what you can do to protect your body and your rights. In addition, we will be speaking with Patrick Wood, an author, and an expert on technocracy, as we delve into what he believes lies in front of us. So to be a runner, you need to be ready for a galaxy not so far far away loaded with androids, smart cities, and a new species of humans being created, with each voluntary injection being offered to every man, woman, and child.

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