From Crisis to Consciousness with Teal Swan

Going through a global health crisis doesn’t have to mean panic and disorder. It doesn’t have to mean battening down the hatches and binging on boxsets, either. Downturns, whether real or media-made, don’t always mean doom and gloom.

There are opportunities to make the best of every situation and it is mostly in the framing. Instead of idle self-isolation, think productively working from home.

It’s easy to manage a business when macroeconomics is on your side, but it takes deft skill and planning to thrive in crises and uncertainty.

Join us on The Good Intentions Show, as we welcome Teal Swan, the spiritual catalyst, international bestselling author, and speaker. She will explain what a crisis is and what happens when we are in a state of crisis. The struggle for meaning, acceptance, processing, our reactivity, and reorientation are all important factors in how we can move through and thrive through a crisis rather than be consumed by one.

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