Hell on Earth: Satanic Ritual Abuse

Hell on Earth: Satanic Ritual Abuse

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Duration: : 01:50:16

Release Date : 17 November 2021

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Normally the most difficult things to hear are the things you should be most open to listening to. On this episode of Frequency Wars, Tim Ray interviews MKULTRA Survivor, Elisa E as well...   More









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Dr.David Martin, Dr. Carrie Madej, Dr.Judy Mikovits are part of Constitutional Law Group. As I stated on your show, We have been putting the evidence out since March 19th, 2020. My team has had our lives threatened, bank accounts frozen to shut us up...We won't ever be silenced! ConstitutionalLawGroup.us
Richard Martin at 2022-07-13

Amazing work from you guys at UI MEDIA. I wish you had used my actual HD footage from Windsor Castle as the footage used on the show was screen grabbed from a reuploader channel but either way the truth and messages are out there, keep up the great work in exposing SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE the real reason why we now face these dystopian times. ENZYMEDOM
Dominic Abbey at 2021-11-17

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