Right to Be Free with Krystal Tini

This whole pandemic is another hoax perpetrated by the globalist elites. They are conspiring to destroy the global economy, impose martial law in all the nations, keep the people living in fear and poverty, and finally force people to accept a microchip in the hand to track their movements. Mark my words, by this time next year, the politicians will be talking about mandatory vaccines and introducing a digital currency.

Many governments seem to be using the Coronavirus outbreak as an opportunity to further entrench repressive measures, and far overreach the limits in place under international human rights laws on their powers during such times. Increased surveillance, restrictions on free expression and information, and limits on public participation are becoming increasingly common.

Join Social Media Sensation Krystal Tini & Tim Ray on ‘The Good Intentions Show’ to talk about Our Right to be Free!

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  1. Look into a female writer who credibility and wrote an article for the Smithsonian about the 1950s were they Scott the government spraying City’s AKA chemtrails with viruses. They can make people sick at random and will if we don’t stop them soon.

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