Alice Smeets

A WHOLE NEW HIGH is a whole new perspective on how we perceive, use, and administer entheogens – psychedelics, power plants, and other drugs used to induce ‘non-ordinary’ states of consciousness.

It is the use of Psychedelics and Entheogens to go within ourselves rather than escape ourselves,
to find ourselves rather than deny ourselves,
to resolve our troubles instead of avoiding them,
to benefit our beings instead of harming them,
to resolve addiction as opposed to creating it,
to discover truths: personal, societal, and universal.

The mission of the project and website A WHOLE NEW HIGH is to unveil the truth of entheogens and to understand the misconception of their characteristics. To experience them in a way that will lead us to question the reasoning behind their harmful reputation and illegalization.

We are an organization that promotes the beneficial and legal use of Psychedelics, we organize Psilocybin Retreats in The Netherlands as well as private sessions. We have worked with hundreds of people all around the world.


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