Chef Boyan

Chef Bojan Trgovcevic is an accomplished Chef, Father, Activist, and Entrepreneur. As an Activist and Organizer, he serves in our community as President of March Against Monsanto Atlanta. An organization fighting to label GMO's in our foods Worldwide. Also as President of Niki's Organic Foods LLC. He's working on a company that will feed our children Organic and GMO-free foods as a meal delivery company. And as President of Holistic Chefs of America LLC. Chef Boyan is partnering with the medical community to use a holistic approach in order to help their clients, who are suffering from ailments and diseases caused by poor diets, GMOs, and the restaurant industry. Over the years Chef Boyan became an expert on Organic foods, Veganism, GMO's and how to avoid them, with multiple speaking engagements on local Atlanta radio WRFG 89.3fm and our own UI Media here in Roswell.


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