Ilene Dillon

When Ilene Dillon was 16, her older sister asked her what she thought she would do when she grew up. "Write," was Ilene's answer. "About what?" her sister asked. "Life," was the response, "but I'll have to live some of it first." It's been sixty years since that conversation, and Ilene Dillon is right now publishing her first full-length book, drawn from her own life experience and the life experiences of thousands of people she has helped as a long-time psychotherapist. "Emotions in Motion: Mastering Life's Built-in Navigation System," is aiming for best-seller status on September 19th. It offers a powerful, simple, long-lasting, and effective way to work with emotions that put you firmly in charge of your own very powerful life. Ilene says it's time, NOW, for all of us to know and master emotions. We're talking today about how you can start doing that now.


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