Krystal Tini

Question everything. Too many power grabs, not enough voices. It all starts with the power of one. I am here for the Great Awakening. People all over the globe are searching for answers to life's biggest questions. A world that used to solely rely on the mainstream media is now faced with exaggerations, misinformation, and blatant lies. I am here for the uncomfortable truth. I am here to join my fellow Americans in leaving no stone unturned. I am here to dive headfirst down every rabbit hole that will reveal facts of life and liberty! Never forget you have a voice. Start using it.
Krystal is a certified yoga instructor, vegan, truth-seeker, and a firm believer in health and healing through original methods- those from Mother Nature herself. Her passion and determination to spread her message have proven to be successful. Her videos have reached over three million viewers worldwide and counting; she has gained 87,000 authentic followers and now serves as an ambassador to many wellness companies. She will proudly continue her journey to promote wellness and inspire others to find their voice.  


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