Rebecca Gay

Rebecca is the mom to 3 incredible sons. Her first birth was a traumatic birth, by unnecessary cesarean, at 38 weeks following a failed induction. Her next two births were successful hospital VBACs.

Rebecca trained with DONA to become a birth doula in February 2003; to date, she had the honor of participating in over 1,000+ births at hospitals, homes, and birth centers. Rebecca is also a Childbirth Educator. As your Doula your Childbirth Class is included, Seth her services,  at no additional cost to you. Rebecca also offers Placenta Encapsulation and Lactation Support, postpartum.

Ten years after beginning her journey in birth work, Rebecca fulfilled a lifelong dream and went to “The Farm” in Tennessee. There she trained with the nation’s most respected midwives. She received her certification in neonatal resuscitation and also became a certified midwife’s assistant. Over the last few years; Rebecca has had the opportunity to serve local midwives and families all over Atlanta and Athens as a Midwife Assistant.


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