The Corruption of Our Children’s Health with Dr. Judy Mikovits & Sheila Ealey

On The Good Intentions Show, we welcome back Dr. Judy Mikovits, who has recently been banned from the internet and social media sites for sharing her views on the Plague of Corruption, the flu shot driving Covid-19 cases, mandatory vaccinations, and the treatment plan of Covid-19. She is joined by Sheila Ealey, an advocate for informed consent and truth in the vaccination program and mother of a vaccine victim.

Learn about the corruption of our healthcare system in regards to our children’s health. We continue to make decisions out of ignorance that results in us harming our children. From the food we give to the vaccines we mandate, to the pharmaceutical drugs that we prescribe them, Dr. Mikovits and Dr. Ealey will discuss how we are unknowingly harming them and their health and how to protect our children now and in the future.

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