The Freedom Movement: The Rise of the Organized Truth

The Freedom Movement: The Rise of the Organized Truth

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Duration: : 00:48:35

Release Date : 03 November 2021



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The purpose of the Freedom Movement is to rely on each other to guarantee our sovereignty in times of worldwide uncertainty, organized lies, and governmental tyranny. Today, we see the...   More

Tim Ray

Tim Ray









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Love it! We also need to get involved with Convention of the States. Ther are now 16 states alli in. Wisconsin is heading to be the 17th. We need 38 states ro have a Consritutional Convention. Please have a show on the Convention of the States.
David J Beaulieu at 2021-11-03

In the matrix and shady groove were awesome!
Eric Johnson at 2020-11-10

Aside from the reference to Teal Swan (my research tells me that she's been compromised), this is an excellent presentation! It's about personal sovereignty and community support. My husband and I are already on board with this!
Sharine Borslien at 2020-10-22

Sandra Real at 2020-10-22

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