The Vaccine: The Trojan Horse

The Vaccine: The Trojan Horse

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Duration: : 01:27:21

Release Date : 24 February 2021

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On Frequency Wars, Tim Ray will discuss if this vaccine is a delayed time bomb to where the powers that be can kill or control the people that take the Covid 19 Vaccine. Get ready for...   More









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Why can't I share these video's?
Keven at 2021-03-31

Pharma knows stats on every med treatment. Aspirin is a golden standard of safety in the industry, deadly only to 2%. The mainstream chemical composition called pils can kill 15%. The genetic population mapping was a goal since 2013 initially to protect people from side-effect. Now these studies are being weaponized
Mei at 2021-03-03

Learning more and more about it than I'm not sure I want to know. Well worth the watch!!! Just Me 2-28-21
Nunya Bizness at 2021-03-01

Wow so eye opening!
Kelly thyben at 2021-02-27

Al at 2021-02-26

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