Vaccines: The Final Solution

Vaccines: The Final Solution

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Duration: : 01:25:07

Release Date : 18 November 2020

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Are we looking at modifying our DNA, digital IDs, and biotechnology all wrapped up in one vaccine? Join Tim as he interviews Dr. Carrie Madej on what’s around the corner with the vaccines...   More









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The only people who will not become feared are those who keep to the crest of the wave. What you do not understand will kill your soul. I am a fan of Dr Carrie. See a great list of adverse effects of vaccines on my website. (317 listed and counting. Brian Snellgrove UK
Brian Snellgrove at 2021-02-28

Oh i am so awake to what is going on I’m 67 yrs old and i am worried about this agenda to control us. I will not consent to this vaccine. You information has been so informative. I know they will take my pension away from me. I guess i will work out what i do when this happens.
Rhonda Kerslake at 2020-11-19

Italy is almost 100% compliance of mask wearing outside Temp sensors and masks to get in to shops. This country has already capitulated, they are following the orders to the letter and are happy in their collaboration. They will be welcoming a vaccine. It is terrible to watch , france is not far behind them , the uk has a bit more resistance but not much
Steven Owen at 2020-11-18

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